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Founder of Sword.

Welcome to Billy’s Basement!

Hi, I'm Billy!
I'm 17 and currently studying Business, Media and Art!
I am passionate about Writing and math!

I have obviously have experience since a young age due to school, though,
I have been writing with a passion for about 2 years now and I'm soon to start on "A-Level Maths"

What are my objectives with Billy’s Basement?

My objectives with Billy’s Basement is to help other students, like me, to focus on developing important mathematic and English skills. I want to give students the opportunity to develop essential skills in maths and English th a platform that offers advise that others can’t because they are simply not a student.

I also want Billy’s Basement to be relatable to other students. I am a student; I know that life and school can be hard as a student, and I want to offer academic help to others in need as well as a safe haven for someone to talk to when they need it. I am in touch with how to modernly do things within a school unlike teachers, as their methods could be more old school and less familiar with the students age range. My demographic for Billy’s Basement is, people from primary school all the way to students taking their GCSEs with the hope of eventually expanding to a larger age range by employing other students from Sixth form, College, University. I want to offer support on a student-to-student basis.

What services do I offer?

I offer a whole range of services!

- Creative writing pieces

- Article writing pieces

- English Coursework writing pieces

- Discord Setups
From $1

- GCSE math work completion
Create a ticket in the discord for a quote!

- Middleman

To purchase, simply pm me here on MC-Market or create a ticket in my discord server

Click Here to join the Billy’s Basement Discord to make an order!
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