A walkthrough for investing

Jun 1, 2019
A walkthrough for investing
  • You may have been confrontated to investing a year worth of your savings? Then this is for you.

    I. What is investing

    Investing is to put (money) into financial schemes, shares, property, or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit.

    This definition can be seen 2 ways:

    1: Giving money to someone as for them to make profit and give you back your money. This is called a loan.
    David gave 20$ to CSK Inc. with a 150% ROI

    2: Paying to buy someones products rights and try to make profit out of it.
    Ebay bought PayPal for 5 billions and made 10 billions in 2 years

    II. How to invest

    First thing, you will need more than 50$ if you wan't to get profit in less than 1 year.
    To invest you have to first find a product that you will want to buy the ressel rights off. But you need to know first what you are buying and why the person is selling it. And by choosing what to buy, it is preferable to choose something that corresponds to you. Such as a plugin if you are a Java Developer.

    Then make sure to write a contract. I've seen a lot of people getting scammed because they apparently "didn't buy the ressel rights"
    So write a contract where it is written black on white that you own the product.

    Make sure each time to talk to your friends a get a price corresponding to what you are buying, to make sure you are not overpaying.

    And then do the deal.

    Hope this helped you,
    With love and kindness from:
    - @Ghast (Original post)
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