MCM Reputation - Historical

Applied By Justis R: Dec 28, 2018 at 2:08 AM

MCM Reputation


When negativity towards a business/person can be perceived as slander, and in a marketplace where everyone attempts to censor and silence others in their own best interest, it can be hard to know who it is you’re dealing with before entering into an agreement.
Holding people accountable for their past, and providing new users a channel dedicated to allowing them to understand who they’re interacting with, our reputation system provides MC-Market’s community a place to leave feedback about someone who’s done them right/wrong, or simply something notable that others should be aware of.

Rules governing the usage of this reputation system can be found here, along with our other site rules.
Always ensure that you’re keeping yourself up to date.

- The community’s collective opinion of a member as compiled by our reputation system.
Feedback or Review - What is submitted in order to contribute to a member's overall reputation.


You must be a member of our site for 30 days before you are able to submit feedback on another user, however, you are still able to receive feedback during this time.

In order to submit feedback, you must be using your personal account. Business accounts are unable to leave feedback. Businesses do not have opinions, the people behind them do, please feel free to submit feedback through your personal accounts.
Lastly, you must not be presently restricted or suspended.​


One thing that will always be true of our reputation system is that submitted feedback on our platform needs to be relevant to our community.
An example of irrelevant feedback would be one of the following:

User doesn’t use energy saving lightbulbs and uses k-cups for their coffee.
User only showers once every week. That’s really gross.

User donated to a charity. They’re an awful person.

While the environment and hygiene are extremely important, they have no purpose as feedback on a marketplace platform where our community is mostly looking to interact with a user for online related business transactions. Keep the details relevant to the community who will be making use of your feedback or it will have no value and thus be in violation of our rules.

The last example, “User donated to a charity. They’re an awful person” provides an opinion which does not logically follow the basis, and thus has no value to our community.
Opinions about a basis are only relevant to others when their derivation are generally understood to be justified.
If your review does not follow the general flow of logic, it is irrelevant and in violation of our rules.

Dispute Process

If you have received feedback which you believe to be untruthful or irrelevant, you may utilize our dispute system in order to make a case for having it removed.

To initiate a dispute on feedback you’ve received, visit its dedicated page, and select the [​IMG] button. This will prompt our @Bot to create a conversation between you and the user who submit the review with some instructions for how to continue in addition to marking the reputation as needing staff attention via our report system.
Do not add staff members to this conversation, the soonest available staff member will join on their own in order to support you.

Once the conversation has been created, you will want to provide a response which outlines why you believe the feedback is untruthful/irrelevant, and any supportive evidence you have to back your argument. Any user who refuses to cooperate in a dispute will immediately lose the case.
Always ensure that you’re communicating in a respectful and cooperative manner. The best solution will always be that the two users involved are able to reconcile and resolve the issue on their own.

Once a staff member becomes available, they will join the conversation and review the discussion that the two involved users have initiated, as well as the evidence and arguments laid out. If everything has been resolved and agreed upon between the two parties, there will be no further action necessary. Otherwise, the staff member may request more information in order to conclude what must be done in order to resolve and close the case.

The staff member will provide one of three resolutions after reviewing the case:
- The feedback is entirely rule abiding and will stay unless modified in the future in a way which is not.
- The feedback is partially rule abiding, but needs additions/removals/changes. These will be disclosed and a warning may be issued.
- The feedback is entirely rule violating, and has been removed. A warning may be issued.

If something is decided to be a violation of our rules, and it is re-added without a reasonable attempt to comply with the rules, a warning will always be issued.
Continuous refusal to cooperate will result in the complete revocation of a user’s ability to submit feedback via our reputation system.

Additional Notes

If you are in the process of developing an opinion about a user due to an interaction, such as issuing them a loan and waiting on a return, you might consider leaving a neutral review explaining that they took out a loan with you and you are currently waiting on their return.
This is relevant to the rest of the community who will want to know about a person’s current debts or commitments before entering their own business agreements with them.