MCM Investments and Loans - Historical

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MCM Investments and Loans

Handing control over your money to someone without so much as an expectation to receive anything for an extended period of time is scary; and for good reason. By nature, you will have to go first, a middleman is impossible, and there's no way to truly verify that the return you're looking to receive will indeed end up in your hands.

It's important to recognize the high risk associated with both investments and loans, as well as understand the differences between the two, and how these transactions are regarded by MC-Market so that you can make appropriate judgement and protect yourself.

The best protection from monetary losses will always be to simply abstain from uncertain financing.
Never invest or loan what you cannot afford to lose.
The reverse is true.
Never request investments or loans which you cannot afford to pay back.


Due to the high risk nature of loans, they are the target of abuse for many who wish to scam. As a precaution to the community, we've created a set of requirements one must meet before being allowed access to both creating threads as well as posting in the Investments and Loans section.
These requirements are not publicly available.
This is an additional precaution, to prevent targeted abuse at gaining access.
If you'd like access, you must continue using the site normally, and eventually it will automatically be granted.

A loan is the promise of a return of the money borrowed, typically with a set rate of interest and due on or before a certain date.
All loanees (the person receiving the loan) are required to pay back the promised amount, and failure to do so will be considered scamming, resulting in a ban.

Always ensure to the best of your ability that the person you are loaning money to has the financial capability of paying back your loan. Check to ensure that they are not currently in debt to other lenders; and if you issue them a loan, make note of it so that other users considering issuing that user a loan are aware of their debts to you. The reputation system is a perfectly acceptable place to leave such a notice.

Many failed loans are the result of the loanee simply not being able to earn the money back, not necessarily the intention to scam. This results in the the loanee being banned and the lender losing their money. Neither is a favorable outcome.
Ensure proper financial responsibility is taking place.

In order to protect the finances of our users from significant damages and debts of loanees from becoming unreasonable as a consequence of irresponsible agreements on our platform, MC-Market imposes that 50% the initial loan in aggregated fees and interest per annum be the maximum a lender can indebt the loanee in addition to the initial loan amount.


An investment is different from a loan in that there is no promise of a return. Estimated ROI (return on investment) will often vary based loosely on the success of the product/project/entity being invested in or other factors.
Investments will also usually involve the monetary contributions of several people, and or in larger sums.
If money is stated to go towards a certain thing, then that money must go towards that thing. Misuse of funds violating the agreement leaves the offending party liable in a scam report.

Because investments do not have a set return, and will often depend on the success of a project, there can be the possibility of a much larger return total than can be normally be received from a loan. However, you could also walk away with nothing.

This is incredibly important to realize. Returns on investments are not guaranteed, and the person or people accepting the investments are not required to pay back the investments they received.
Deal with extreme caution when investing. Ensure that you have complete trust in the people you are giving unabridged control over your funds to.

Always ensure you are completely clear with the person you're dealing with on whether the transaction is a loan or an investment.
This is possibly the most important detail that can ever be clarified in an investments or loan.​

Clarification note: Investments do not guarantee a return. If you promise/guarantee a return within the context of an investment, then whatever return you promise/guarantee is defined as a loan by MC-Market, regardless of what it's labeled as during the transaction.