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MCM Business Accounts - Historical

Applied By Justis R: Jun 1, 2019 at 1:32 AM

MCM Business Accounts
Business Accounts

Among the many functions MC-Market provides its members is the ability to create and utilize a business account, which offers many of its own features as well as limitations and responsibilities. This wiki is written to help you understand all of these, and hopefully avoid making any uninformed decisions or regrettable actions.

If you do not have a business account, would like to create one, and meet the criteria for doing so, you may utilize your personal account to create one here: http://www.mc-market.org/businessaccount/

If you have violated our rules and created a business account through the regular account creation process, and need to associate it as a business account, you may use the same page, however do not use the "Create Account" form. Read the text above the form, and click the text which says "click here" to link your current account.
Ensure that you are accessing this form from your personal account, not the account you are needing to associate.


In order to associate a business account, you will need to meet the following criteria:
- Have a personal account to associate it from
- Personal account is 15 days old
- Personal account has 5 public posts

That's all! You can also be added to other members' business accounts at any time.​


Business accounts are useful for members who want to separate a business entity from their own identity, or users who would like to share their business identity with multiple people.
Unlike regular accounts, you are allowed to share access to the account. You can add other members to your business account from the same link provided above: http://www.mc-market.org/businessaccount/


Simply specify their username name and update settings.

Once you either have a business account, or have been added to one, you are able to log into any of the accounts you have access to through the "Accounts" button at the top righthand corn of every page.


When you are logged into a business account, the name of the business account will also appear at the top lefthand corner of that same tab.

The owner and every member of the account are all able to post through that business account under its profile as one entity, and you may utilize this to distribute responsibilities amongst multiple people.
If someone violates the rules through the business account, staff will be able to tell which user posted that content, and their personal account will be warned. The business account will not be warned.
If the owner of a business is banned, the members of the business account will still be able to utilize the account.

Unlike a personal account, if the owner of a business changes, and you would like the ownership of that business account transferred to someone else, you may request this via support requests: https://www.mc-market.org/support/requests/create-thread
The person with whom the transfer would be made to simply needs to accept the transfer and not currently be the owner of their own business account.
If your business account publicly represents a particular product/business and rights to that product/business are sold, you implicitly consent to the transfer of that business account at the request of the user who was sold rights to the product/business that the account represents.

In addition, business accounts also have the following permissions:
- Ability to set up auto-responder
- Ability to trash their own threads
- Ability to up their own threads every 12 hours
Limitations and Responsibilities

Business accounts also have restrictions to their usage. Among these:
- You may only ever own one business account at a time.
- Business accounts do not retain an email, so they cannot provide email notifications.
- Business accounts, like personal accounts, cannot be deleted or removed.
- Business accounts cannot give reputation nor reactions.
- Business accounts cannot post in investments/loans, contests/giveaways, or private OGs.
- Rank features on personal accounts do not carry over. If you'd like rank features, the business account will also need that rank. That includes name changes.

Business accounts are also subject to their own rules for usage, which are maintained here: https://www.mc-market.org/policies/rules/
Failure to follow normal site rules and policies will result in the personal accounts being warned, however, failure to follow business account rules from within the business account may result in its users being locked out, and prevented from any further usage.
Ensure that your business account is being used properly.

Business accounts are a developing feature on MC-Market, so be sure to pay attention to announcements and changes to this wiki to keep up with additional features and freedoms made available to business account users.