MCM F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

Aug 24, 2017
MCM F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)
  • MCM F.A.Q
    This wiki is created to answer the most frequently asked questions on McM("Mc-Market").
    Please note that if a question is not answered here, be sure to open a support request with your questions and/or concerns. A staff member will answer you shortly.

    Useful Links

    Rules and Guidelines - Answers MOST questions regarding the McM rules. Please open a support request if your answer is not located here.
    Mc-Market Vouches/Reputation Wiki - Explains the Vouches and Reputation System
    Help Page - Shows a full list of available smilies, BB Codes, Trophies, an explanation of the Mc-Market Cookie Usage
    Warnings and Punishments - The warnings and punishments issued towards users who violate the Mc-Market rules, guidelines, and/or TOS.
    User Guide - Almost everything you need to know as a new Mc-Market user.


    Q: What are "Semi" "Og" "Ranked" and "Cape" accounts? How do I know what my account fits in, if I want to sell it?
    A: Each account type has specified division in the Minecraft Account section. The guide located here will provide a step-by-step process in determining how to sell your Minecraft account. Be sure to check the account selling rules located on the Rules and Guidelines page before you begin the process.

    Q: How long does a support ticket request response take? Are the staff ignoring me?
    A: Staff members attempt to respond to support requests under a week, but can take up to a weeks time. Be patient and your ticket will be answered.

    Q: Somebody gave me a negative reputation, but it seems false?
    A: If the reputation breaks the Reputation System Rules, please report it. It will be dealt with as soon as possible by a staff member. If someone has a negative opinion of you, and they expressed that opinion in a negative reputation, it is your responsibility to improve their opinion of you and therefore your reputation via communication with the reputation author.

    Q: Why do I not have access to the Private OGs section?
    A: Specific users are chosen using an automatic sorting system. The algorithm that this system uses is unkown to anyone other than the staff team. If you believe you should have access to the Private OG section, open a support ticket and you will be reviewed.

    Q: Why can I not give other users reputation?
    A: On Mc-Market there is a 1-month of registration required to use the reputation giving system. If you have been signed up longer than a month, your reputation permissions may have been revoked due to abusing the reputation system.

    Q: How do I switch themes?
    A: Press the lightbulb in the top right corner of the navigation bar to switch between the dark and light mode. (Premium upgraded users only)

    Q: How do I edit or create a Wiki?
    A: You can edit a wiki by pressing "Edit" in the top right corner. (Premium upgraded users only) You can create a wiki page by pressing "Create new page" under the navigation bar once Wiki is selected.
    This is a public wiki page. Please correct any mistakes, biased and/or false information.
    Feel free to contribute to this page. Please abide by the McM Wiki and Global Rules when posting onto or editing this wiki page. Applied and regulated with all other Wiki posts/pages, specified for clarification and reference purposes.
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