How to create a PayPal account

Apr 2, 2017
How to create a PayPal account
  • Many people have been wondering: how to create a PayPal account!

    Here, I'll show you how.

    PayPal is an online payment processor, they specialize in low cost money transfers and getting an account is simple.

    PLEASE NOTE: PayPal does not allow persons under the age of 18 to hold an account by themselves. PayPal has a student account option, which your parent cosigns the account. If you are caught owning/using a account when you are under the age of 18, the account will be terminated and all the money lost.

    Here's how to create an account (if you're 18 or older):

    1. Visit, and in the top right, click "Sign Up" or "Get Started".

    2. Select whether you want a Personal or Business account.
    Personal accounts are for personal use, but you can still do business deals on them. Business accounts are registered to a business, and designed to be used with a business bank account, credit card & be a manager of money. I recommend sticking with Personal, unless you have registered a company, to prevent limitation.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    3. Fill in your email address & name, or select the type of business account.
    If creating a business account, I prefer PayPal Standard. Payments Pro is designed for larger companies.

    4. Fill in personal information, and then fill in credit card/bank account. PayPal will let you do it later, but it does risk limitation, due to nonverification. If creating a business account, follow the prompts to fill in personal information.

    5. Start using PayPal!
    Now that your account is created, you can add money, send money, or buy with PayPal.

    How to create an account under 18:

    1. Visit PayPal's student account page (click here)
    Fill in your personal information, to be emailed to your parent. They'll confirm the information, and your account will be activated. Please note: PayPal may ask for a paren'ts SSN, so be aware of that before asking. PayPal's student account also gives you a MasterCard debit card so you can spend your balance in person.

    Hopefully this helped you get an account! Now you can become a Premium or Supreme member on MCM! Or buy that item you want ;)


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