How to create a professional "text" thread

Nov 7, 2016
How to create a professional "text" thread
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    Professional Text Thread?
    Good-Looking text thread, when you do not want a thread design made for you, or you cannot afford one. Not many people use these, and I would like to share my personal method of creating professional threads, and getting people to buy my services.

    Whether your services is selling something (Server, Plugin, Build), Requesting Staff or Positions, Offering Positions, Offering Services, and everything basically that is worth these, it is always good to have a good looking thread like these.

    1. Title
    You never want a title like "selling my op server"
    When you see that, It doesn't look as professional. You would go off of what your thread would be. Use the MCM Vocabulary. "Selling - HQ PVP Server | Cheap & Large Playerbase" Doesn't that look more appealing? You can possibly use emojis / emoticons too! Ordinarily a Crown: ♕

    These can be found all over google. "Crown Emoji"

    2. Thread Title
    Many people use their Logo, or something like mine "Professional Text Threads"
    I've never given the site out, but it's good for everyone to have this site for their thread titles. : Many different fonts and ways to use this. It's great! : Great Text Logos. Use it for anything, and full access.

    3. Sections
    Like I am doing, It is always good to section off things.
    What does this mean? Take "MCMServer" as an example, Pretend you're selling that server.
    You would go through the first 2 steps, then it's time to explain the server. You would do "MCMServer" First, then explain what it is. Then "Pricing" explain pricing, "Contact" and so on, and so on.

    4. Images and Spoilers
    When selling or offering something, ALWAYS provide images or
    spoilers giving the buyer a notice or view of the item you are selling!

    Unless you want them to contact you, asking for pictures.
    (Please note: Imgur is blocked, so please use another host)

    5. Dividers
    Just like mine above, It looks 200% more professional
    with a divider like: [​IMG]
    in your thread. Above & Below, or sectioning off everything. Use the one I use,
    or Contact @iKryptonic for different kinds.

    6. Icons / Business Icons
    When you are defining things, or defining your services, always good
    to provide an icon on what it is. Great free website: if you would like to make your own logo you can also go see

    7. Grammar and Spelling
    Before and After, always think about spelling and grammar,
    If your thread is sloppy and not the correct grammar then users won't be
    interested in working with you, or buying/selling their service or your service. Always

    have spell checks.

    8. Friends who can Vouch
    When you post, You always have that one friend, or variety of friends
    you have dealt with, and are part of MC-Market and that can vouch for you, making your thread 100% more appealing knowing people have worked with you, giving a chance to you.

    9. Upping Threads
    Always up your thread, when you can to keep your
    service and what you are offering fresh. Most threads go dry after a day,
    MCM is a very large forum and posts are driving through daily.
    Always up the thread.

    # Disclaimer #
    Not guaranteed customers and clients
    driving in. But guaranteed a better looking text thread.

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