How to enable push notifications for MCM!

May 31, 2019
How to enable push notifications for MCM!
  • Due to growing tired of all the suggestions for a mobile app for MCM, I decided to look for a way to solve the problem without the need for a mobile app. I can finally say I have found the perfect solution and it is extremely easy for ANYONE to do. Best of all, it is completely FREE! It uses a popular automation service called IFTTT.

    • Email Notifications need to be turned on.
    • IFTTT app (iOS and Android) needs to be installed on each device you want to receive notifications on.
    • As of now, the recipe only works with Gmail accounts.
    A Simple 5-Step Process:
    1. Create an IFTTT Account
    2. Activate the Gmail channel on IFTTT
    3. Install the IFTTT app on each device you use
    4. Enable the recipe from this page
    5. Profit?
    IFTTT Recipe:
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