How To Make Thread Designs by Mango

Nov 6, 2016
How To Make Thread Designs by Mango
  • The size matters a lot, if you have one that is just 50x50, then let's admit, it's going to be crappy.
    A lot of thread designs are based around eachother, in my computer I have files that I right click and save us from other user's thread designs, just to see the sizes.
    Here is one that I averaged out to be a pretty good size to start out with, but it all depends.

    Once you have your size down, go into Photoshop, I use Photoshop CS6 Edition.
    Press New layer, and fill out the dimensions for "Width", and "Height".
    Make sure that your color is at RGB, not Gray Scale, because I have had a problem with that before, and it is just a great thing to know.

    After you create your new layer in Photoshop, go to
    When you're at Google, try and search up things that would look nice, and clean on your thread design.

    Here is some of the key-terms I use for my searches.

    - Mountains
    - Sky
    - Creeks
    - Rivers

    I mainly base mine off of nature themed stuff, and if you want something to have a nice sky, I recommend having a night, or a dark-themed sky.
    What I used for the "Skype" at the bottom is something called "Bokeh". And I just figured this out yesterday from my parents telling me what it was.

    Bokeh is an out-focus of a photography camera, with the circles, kind of like a Lens Flare, and it would look nice on generally anything. It's what I even use for my website's background.
    Start copy and pasting the images into Photoshop using (Ctrl + C) and (Ctrl + V) for your images.

    Once you're done copying in one of the images, go to the "Lasso" tool.
    Right click the Lasso tool, and select the weird shaped one that is called the "Polygonal" Tool.
    Make nice clean cuts on your image at the top when centered nicely.

    After you are done with your cuts on your image, go ahead and take out your text tool.
    Make sure you have a nice font to deal with, for mine I use "Bebas Neue", and it looks amazing on a lot of things.

    For the title, I recommend the size of around 150 - 250, depending on the thread design size, which is one of the main reasons it is important.
    The title's will make it stand out a lot.

    After you make the title, let's say it's called Mango.
    You want to create a sub-title that says a really quick, and brief statement, such as, "Well-Developed Configurations"

    I prefer the font to be a white color, just plain, and clear.
    After you create your font, and the color, go ahead and go to your Layers menu, right click on the text layer, and then press "Rasterize Layer", this will make it so you can edit it easily.
    After your rasterized your text layer, now you can right click it again and go back to Blending Options.

    Play around with the Drop Shadow, and Outer Glow menus, and those are the main things you are going to be wanting for your text on your thread design.
    For Drop Shadow I will usually leave it at default since it is a recommended setting.
    For the Outer Glow, I don't use to much because sometimes it really actually is annoying, but set the opacity to 100%, and turn the color to white, and you will have it from there.

    Now, you should be at the part where you have the image at the top, with a nice clean cut, some text, etc.
    Make another polygon shape of the outline of the bottom of your clean cut, and put a gradient over it to stand out, you don't have to do this if you don't like it.

    Those are just the more advanced, and setting up kind of thing instructions, it is going to get easier from here.

    In Photoshop, you will automatically have a blank white background that is locked.
    Click that layer, and insert another image, resize it to your liking.

    The reason why you need to click on the background layer is because it will automatically fit behind the first layer, or image, so you can see what it looks like.
    Then make another clean cut, and this is usually where the about section will go.

    You will only need a title here, as a sub-title is not needed for the About section.
    Now, you have to switch over to a new font.
    I prefer "Microsoft Yi Baiti" as the font, and it is going to be defaultly installed on your computer, or laptop, if you are on Windows of course. :)
    Go ahead and right everything that your customer wants including what their service is about, and a little bit about themselves.

    Feel free to make small edits to make their text look more professional so their customers of what product or service they are selling don't think it is unprofessional because of the grammatical mistakes, etc.
    Then, you are all set to go.

    Like before, make another polygon shape of the outline of the bottom of your clean cut, and put a gradient over it to stand out, you don't have to do this if you don't like it.
    Do this over and over for every section you go, and at the very end, select all of the layers, rasterize them, then merge all of the layers together.

    What you can do to finish up is add a lighting effect, or a lens flare to top it off.
    This will make the thread design have a little bit of flare to it, and make it connect a little bit more realisticly to the real world.

    That's all for now in Mango's Thread Design lessons.
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