1. Minecraft accounts may NOT be sold here. Only Premium or Supreme members may sell accounts in the appropriate sections.
  2. Only accounts for social media services may be sold in this forum. SMM and boosting services should instead be posted in the Other Services forum.


Jun 2, 2019

  • Legal

    This wiki node is dedicated to index MC-Market’s most important public information resources. This includes our usage conditions and policy explanations legally required to be presented in order to proceed with site functions.

    Upon registration of a new account, every user checks a box accepting our Rules and Terms of Service. In order to access any of our site functions, every user is required to read and accept our Privacy Policy. If you are currently a user on this website, then you have accepted all three of these, and you will be notified if their contents change, however they will remain here for you to review again at any time.

    If the passage of time has resulted in you being unfamiliar with our current policies, it is strongly advised that you read over them again in order to avoid being banned from this platform.

    This wiki is here for your benefit, please take advantage of it and keep yourself and our community members safe.

    Your MC-Market staff team
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