List of Scam Accounts (with proof)

Apr 13, 2018
List of Scam Accounts (with proof)
  • This wiki page will be updated as soon as a scam account has surfaced.

    If you would like to add to this wiki page, please do so. Because it is vital information so people cannot be tricked into believing otherwise, please add evidence to corroborate the account in question being a scam account.

    If you would like to add to this wiki page but are not a rank, please private message me with the name of the scam account as well as any proof.

    Mandela was scammed offsite on January 16th, 2018 by a member who went by "Muttering". They were supposed to pay for the account but never did. They were banned on this site for refusing to pay for the account. As far as I am aware, the scammer still has access to Mandela.

    Because this happened offsite, I cannot provide rock solid evidence. If you go on competitor sites, type in "Muttering Dispute" or "Mandela" and you'll see results of a Dispute with everything in it.

    Surgery was an account being sold by the member with the name Surgery on MC-Market. It was scammed off of a user known as HeyImGarnet on April 8-9th, 2018. HeyImGarnet paid for the account, and received it, but shortly later contacted Mojang and had the email switched back to the original email.

    Surgery also had admitted to scamming in Shoutbox and on a thread HeyImGarnet made in anger to him finding out he had been scammed.

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