MCM Dictionary

Mar 21, 2018
MCM Dictionary
  • This is a list of terms used on MC-Market. If you aren't quite sure what something means, this is most likely where you can find out.

    A premium Minecraft account bought straight of off or

    Short for ""
    A website where you can advertise your server and have people vote for your server. The more votes your server has, the higher on the list it is.
    Most commonly referred to when purchasing a ".org slot" - This is 1 of the 5 Sponsored Servers slots at the top of the page. These slots are usually rented out at an hourly rate, and generally relatively expensive, but get your server good exposure.

    Short for "account"
    If someone is selling their acc, then they are selling their account.

    Short for "alternative" account.
    These can be accounts that are cracked(hacked) that usually do not have full access.
    Any account other than your main account. Usually used to refer to someone who has a second account.

    Short for "buy it now"
    Used in auctions.
    Whoever is willing to pay the BIN price will instantly end the auction and should win the item being sold, unless people feel like bidding higher than the BIN price.

    A bump is when the OP (original poster) posts a very short message (or just the phrase "Bump") to bring their topic back to the top of the list.
    On MCM (MC-Market), you must wait 24 hours from the last post before bumping.

    Short for "Bitcoin"
    A digital crypto-currency that isn't controlled by anyone which allows for simple, safe, secure, anonymous transactions.

    Short for "current offer"
    Used in auctions to show what the current bid for an item is.
    For the most part, you must bid higher than the C/O.

    Short for "dedicated server"
    A single, relatively powerful computer, typically located at a datacenter.
    Used to host Minecraft servers, as well as webservers, TS3, MySQL, and more.


    Short for "deal with caution"
    When someone is toxic or provides inefficient services users may say "DWC" on a users thread and/or reputation marking that this user is a pain to deal with.

    Short for "do not deal with"
    When someone may be a scammer, people will flag them as DNDW, or telling other people that such user should not be dealt with.

    Short for "Family & Friends"
    Family & Friends is one way to pay through the PayPal (the other being Goods & Services). Sellers often prefer to use this way of paying this way they don't have to pay fees.

    Full Access
    As opposed to an "alt", a "full access account" is one that you have full access to the Mojang account, including the ability to change the email, password, and security questions.

    Short for "good luck with selling"
    When someone wants to wish you luck with whatever you are trying to sell.

    Short for "hit me up"
    Used for when someone wants you to contact them.

    Short for "high quality"
    Typically when referring to a post, if it contains good content (more than just a few words, decent grammar, nice layout, etc) it is considered HQ.
    Users who make useless / bad posts are considered LQ (low quality).

    Short for "have...want..."
    Typically used in thread titles to show what they have and what they are willing to trade it for.
    Example: "[H] BTC [W] PP" would mean they have Bitcoin and want to trade it for PayPal

    Short for "Minecraft"
    A very popular video game, originally available on PC, and most other systems now.

    Short for ""
    A large online community dedicated to all things Minecraft related.

    Short for ""
    The Minecraft related marketplace you are currently browsing.

    Short for ""
    A website where you can advertise your server and have people vote for your server. The more votes your server has, the higher on the list it is.

    Short for "OptiFine"
    A popular Minecraft mod which greatly improves gameplay performance and includes other visual enhancements as well.

    Short for "Return On Investment"
    Return on investment (ROI) is the benefit to the investor resulting from an investment of some resource. A high ROI means the investment gains compare favorably to investment cost.

    Short for "Non Disclosure Agreement"
    An NDA creates a confidential relationship between the parties to protect any type of confidential and proprietary information or trade secrets.

    Short for "original"
    Originates from "original gangsta" / "original gamertag"
    Concerning usernames or domains, OG refers to how original a name is.
    Typically, anything well known or in the dictionary may be considered OG.
    Adding suffixes, such as "-s", "-ly", "-ed", "-er", "-ing", or prefixes "un-", "a-", "re-", both reduce the value and may classify the name as semi-OG.
    Examples: Swim (OG), Swimming (semi-OG), SwimmerBoy1062 (non-OG).

    Short for "or near offer"
    If someone is selling something, they may ask for a price, or ONO, which would be an offer close to the price that they are asking for.

    Short for "original poster" or "over-powered"
    In forums, the OP is the person who created the thread.
    In gaming, OP is when something or someone is much stronger or has a large advantage.

    Short for "private message"
    Click on someone's profile picture and click "Start a Conversation"

    Short for ""
    A Minecraft related website where people can list their servers, skins, builds, texture packs, mods, and banners.
    Gain votes from users to increase your how high on the list your item is.

    Typically used when reporting a thread. Example: A thread prune would be removing posts that do not contribute to the discussion.

    Short for ""
    A very common method of sending / receiving money online.

    Transaction ID / TID
    When buying an account from people, sometimes you will want to get the transaction ID, if they have it.
    This is basically the receipt / proof that they got when they purchased the account.
    Can be used to prove to Mojang that you own an account if it gets stolen.

    Short for "virtual private network"
    VPNs are used to route your internet traffic through another machine.
    Most commonly used to hide your IP address online.

    Short for "virtual private server"
    Similar to a dedicated server, as it usually has it's own IP address, but usually much smaller resource-wise.
    A VPS is usually virtualized on a dedicated server, so there can be many on one machine.
    Can also be used to host things similar to a dedicated server.

    Short for "want to buy"
    If you see someone saying "WTB xxx" then they want to buy xxx from you.

    Short for "want to sell"
    If you see someone saying "WTS xxx" then they want to sell xxx to you.

    Short for "want to trade"
    If you see someone saying "WTT xxx" then they want to trade their xxx for something you have.

    Normally a Well-Known user here on, When a user is "Middlemanning" a deal they are making sure no one gets scammed and the deal goes smooth.

    Short for "middle man"
    (Definition listed above)

    A review of the Seller, which is given by the Buyer after they have worked directly with the Seller. The Vouch will contain a short review of the Seller and reasons why he can recommend the Seller to others.

    When a user/buyer, who has perviously worked directly with the Seller, writes a bad review of the Seller because they did not like the Seller (or the Seller's work) for the reasons listed in the De-Vouch.

    Vouch Copy / VC
    A Vouch Copy is when the seller, gives the buyer a free version of their service or product in return for a Vouch (A Review).

    Rep stands for Reputation not Reactions.

    Reactions are the little Green number under a user's name on Threads, this number rises every time someone rates their post's.

    Examples of past work to show prospective customers.


    To sell something at a discounted price for quick and minimal profit.

    Sending any text, styling, media or content which is repetitive in an obnoxious or disruptive way. Either to a large number of recipients or to a single recipient multiple times.

    Short for "Profile Picture"
    (Definition listed above)

    Short for "Gift Card"
    (Definition listed above)
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