MCM History

Mar 28, 2018
MCM History
  • MC-Market was launched on the 1st of August 2014 in a seconds notice, an organized place for the community to trade and sell builds and domains which was not in existence and was gaining popularity. MC-Market launched on the 1st, and in no time grew a community for trades and sales.​

    1ST AUGUST 2014
    MC-Market Opens​

    2ND AUGUST 2014
    Addition of Premium
    A New Style that MC-Market would use for the following year​

    15TH AUGUST 2014
    1,500 Posts
    Addition of Resources​

    23RD AUGUST 2014
    MC-Market temporarily partners with BeastNode
    MC-Market iconic blue adopted
    Addition of Scam Reports​

    5TH SEPTEMBER 2014
    M logo created by Benj​

    8TH JANUARY 2015
    3,000 Members
    50,000 Posts
    New Logo​

    7TH MAY 2015
    Addition of Premium Resources​

    29TH MARCH 2015
    Scam Reports team created
    100,000 Posts​

    23RD JUNE 2015
    1,000 Members Logged In​

    1ST AUGUST 2015 (1 YEAR)
    Custom style by PixelExit
    Addition of MCMWiki​

    20TH SEPTEMBER 2015
    Verringer's resignation
    Mick's promotion
    4TH NOVEMBER 2015
    Compliance Officer (Scam Resolver) rank introduced
    NBCF fundraiser ended raising $400 USD
    22ND NOVEMBER 2015
    50,000 Threads created
    1ST JANUARY 2016
    BeBosny and rocket0191 begin managing MC-Market
    1ST MARCH 2016
    80,000 Threads created
    900,000 Messages
    Accounts forum removed
    1ST APRIL 2016
    BeBosny continues managing MC-Market
    rocket0191 becomes a moderator
    1ST JULY 2016
    Reputation system re-implemented into the site
    Minecraft accounts for re-added back into the site
    Official MC-Market Minecraft server released​

    3RD DECEMBER 2016
    BeBosny demoted from management position
    Mick begins managing MC-Market again
    25TH DECEMBER 2016
    '2016' themed MC-Market Competition begins
    Onyx Chrome Extension released
    1ST JANUARY 2017 Fundraiser begins
    MC-Market Official Minecraft server revamped
    1ST FEBRUARY 2017
    '2016' themed MC-Market Competition finishes Fundraiser ends - $6,500 USD raised
    1ST APRIL 2017
    MC-Market Convention April Fools Joke released​

    2ND MAY 2017

    Business Account support internally implemented
    An additional 28 trophies added
    Warnings values publicly disclosed in wiki
    Private OG forum introduced
    Official Community MC server closed
    18TH MAY 2017
    Celebrate 200,000 threads and 2,000,000 posts​

    4TH AUGUST 2017

    Completely new light and dark themes and theme options
    Introduced Setups category and other resource changes
    Disabled Accounts Introduced
    Supreme users able to pin profile posts
    1ST OCTOBER 2017
    SpecialEffect Fundraiser introduces yellow gradient name color and medal
    Community offered advertisements system overhaul
    2ND NOVEMBER 2017
    Donated the raised $8042.77 ($8484.54 incl. transaction fees) to SpecialEffect
    Forum layout reorganized​

    13TH DECEMBER 2017
    12 Days of Christmas with MC-Market Giveaway starts
    Justis R promoted to Administrator​

    1ST JANUARY 2018
    Adsense completely removed from MC-Market, replaced with community ads
    MC-Market is now SSL encrypted
    Users are now able to view their own thread history
    18TH MARCH 2018
    Forums renamed and reorganized for non-MC related products/services
    Wiki overhaul and addition of new wikis
    100 new splash messages added to Cloudflare loading page.​
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