MCM User Guide

Feb 28, 2018
MCM User Guide
  • Hello, MC-Market users! This is a general MC-Market User Guide. It starts off by mentioning things of importance to new members - and goes on to talk about general things that everyone should know.

    First things first, read the rules.

    Account Modification:

    You can change your profile picture, signature, and add contact details (your social medias, location, etc). You can also edit your visibility, deciding whether other members can view your profile, age, and other options. If you own premium or supreme - you have the option to change your account banner. This means that people who are on your member page can see a certain image above your page. Your profile also includes your signature. Regular members of MCM can create there signatures with no images in it. Premium users have access to 2 images in their signature, while supreme can have as many as they'd like.

    Account Upgrades:
    Premium and Supreme are our two upgraded ranks on the market. You can also purchase colors that will make your name look cool. Go to the Account Upgrade section to begin your purchases. Premium is the first upgrade. With this, you gain the ability to change your Custom Title. You also get a blue name - as well as many other great perks (a shoutbox, exclusive forums sections, username changing, etc.) The full compilation of perks can be found in the Upgrade section. Supreme is the second user upgrade. This upgrade unlocks all of the Premium Perks, colors in the shoutbox, trashing your threads, and Automatic conversation replies.

    Feeling friendly? Well, you can gift account upgrades to other members as well. The "Gift" buttons are found at the same place that I have linked above.

    You can now also switch between name colors that you have purchased. This option can be found at the bottom of the preferences tab of your profile.

    Forum Sections:
    If you want to get known, you should most definitely begin with an introduction. This is an easy way for you to get known - as many trusted members love to meet new people, and frequent the introduction area.

    There are people here that sell and buy all kinds of things. Some people offer their services for free - and some charge a lot. You should check out the services section of the forum to see where you fit in. There are sections for development, design, and server staff recruitment among many other things.

    Reactions & Reputation:
    Reactions are only points gained from the quality of posts that other users place their opinion on using reactions. Just because you post lots of posts that get agree reactions does not mean you are reputable! High reaction people have scammed huge amounts and have been dramatically banned (this is commonly known now as "Exit Scamming"). Do not use the point system to determine reputation, the vouch/reputation system is more credible (however some vouches are false and should be carefully reviewed if you are researching for legitimate detailed vouches, not just a 1 worded "Vouch").

    The reputation system on MCM is much more reliable and should be used as a source of trust rather than the fact that someone has many ratings. Vouch copies are services provided in exchange for a "vouch" - which shows a user's reputation. This is why the system MCM uses is more reliable.

    Do Not Do:
    Some things you should never do is post too much or give one person too many reactions. These things can get you punished - as you are over posting or rate farming. Just make sure you keep this in mind. Also, you should never ask to be staff. We all know you love MCM and really want to be staff, but the staff here are hand picked and I'm sure the staff team will know who the right person for the job is. In the general discussion area, many people talk about Mojang, politics and other issues going on in the world. It's great to participate in these discussions, and I do this all the time, but you shouldn't get too emotional. People will think what they think - let them think it.

    Community Help (Resources & Wiki):
    The Resources section of the forum is a place to buy/sell plugins, skripts, and a lot of other stuff. This makes it easier for things to be sold, as you can set a price. People give you comments on your resources, and they can rate the quality as well. This is a section that the community usually uses for non-exclusive products.

    Users on our forums are nice enough to post tutorials for us to use. These can be found easily on the wiki tab of the forum. Guess what, this is one of them!

    On these forums, there is a staff member who works to resolve things called scam reports. Users of the forum who have been cheated, or scammed, by other members, can report them with proof. The users that have scammed will most likely be banned. This section can be found on the very bottom of the home page of the forum, near the support section. The staff member who works on these has to single-handedly answer the cases so that the right people get banned, to keep MCM a better place. If you are making a transaction, record proof in case of a scam. Some members seem reputable, but they aren't always how they seem. I know because I've seen. Many users have impersonators. These impersonators may be part of the forum, but we can not know for sure who they are. When someone gets scammed by an impersonator there is nothing that the staff can do. (@M6Gaming shout-out). To make sure you never get scammed, or people don't get scammed by an impersonator of you - make sure you always contact the person on MCM Private message first. This is so they can know your actual skype - and it prevents anyone from being scammed. There are ways to fake proof when you are dealing with an user. The user who is looking to sell will usually have legitimate proof of ownership, but there is always a chance where the person is out to scam. No matter how reputable, make sure they have a second way to prove their ownership. Make sure you clearly can tell that they own the thing you are looking to purchase. (Written by user @King)

    Exit scamming has become very common on MCM. What people do is slowly gain the trust of the market, and get a huge reputation... And then they scam.

    Along with the site comes advertising. There are side-ads and sticky threads that you can purchase - these can all be purchased through the Advertisement tab in the navbar of the forum.

    There is a report button on the bottom of every post on this forum. There is also a report button that shows up whenever you put your mouse over a message in the shoutbox. This is to ensure that MCM is a friendly and legitimate place and that everyone is following the rules.

    MCM Rules | MCM Terms of Service | MCM Dictionary
    Enjoy your time here at MC-Market. Make sure to follow the rules. Contact the editors of this page with any question you may have.

    Tutorial/Guide was created by: @Renovix
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