Minecraft Association and Common Issues

Aug 17, 2016
Minecraft Association and Common Issues
  • Minecraft Association is a must if you wish to sell your Minecraft account on MCM. I'll cover the basics of it and how to fix common issues.

    1. Click on the Minecraft Association tab under the User Menu.
    2. Enter your Minecraft username and click "next"
    3. Create a password for the associated account. (Make sure you are not using it anywhere else!)
    4. After logging into Minecraft.net, click "Change my Minecraft skin" and apply the change on Minecraft.net
    5. Wait a few minutes for the skin to be registered.

    Common Issues
    1. "I am given an error instead of a skin to use"

    Make sure that the account you are trying to verify has a non-default skin (Not Steve/Alex). If it does, apply any skin and retry the verification process. If your account already has a skin and it does not work, apply a different one and try again.
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