PSA Park your domain names

Feb 11, 2018
PSA Park your domain names
  • I've noticed a lot of MC-Market users don't park their domains properly and/or don't track views at all with either Google Analytics, Cloudflare, or a parking service. Heck, with some parking services, you can even get some free money just for having the domains parked there.

    From Wikipedia...
    • Organic views are recorded and tracked
    • You can potentially earn a little bit of money just for having the domain parked (Not all parking services pay money for ad views)
    • Potential buyers can buy or make an offer directly from the parking page.
    • Safe, secure sales through built-in escrow services
    • Domains can often sit for a long time before finding the right buyer
    • Will never be as good as actually using the domain for an actual business, but sometimes it is the only option


    My personal pick for a parking service is because it is free and has clean ad-free landing pages where the buyer can make an offer and see organic view stats right from the landing page. Undeveloped does not pay for views though.

    Other options:
    GoDaddy CashParking

    To sum up, domain parking gets more eyes on your unwanted domains by capturing organic views from anyone in the world, instead of just a small subset of Minecraft users through MCM. Remember, not everyone in the world has or wants an MC-Market account. ;)
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