Selling Minecraft Accounts on MCM

Mar 8, 2018
Selling Minecraft Accounts on MCM
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    This Guide will try to help you sell your Minecraft Accounts on MCM and the proper way to do it. This Page will be in a Step-by-Step format.


    1. First and most importantly, you MUST be either Premium or Supreme to Sell ANY Minecraft Account on MCM.

    If you are not, you can buy it here:


    2. Second, and as important as the First step, you can only sell SEMI-OG, OG, CAPE, or RANKED accounts on MCM*.

    Here are the definitions of those two things:


    An OG account is a rare account that has a name such as a verb/ a noun/place/animal etc. This makes the account value go up. These accounts aren't modified like most, meaning that they don't have "xx", numbers, or a suffix/prefix added to the original word.


    "Semi-OG" accounts are OG accounts but with an added prefix or suffix, such as "Legends" or "Legendary".


    Cape accounts are Minecraft accounts with a special cape from the yearly hosted Minecraft event Minecon, which makes it special. This account can either have a Minecon 2011, 2012, 2013, 2015, or 2016 cape.


    A rank account is an account with a rank or multiple ranks on Minecraft servers. These ranks, which could be purchased on said server's store, make the account value go up, such as an account with the rank "VIP" or "MVP" on Hypixel.


    3. Now that you know what you need, and what kind of account you have, we can move to the Third step, 'Appraising'.

    Now while this step is Optional, it is a good idea so you can get an idea of what your account is worth.

    You can get your account 'Appraised' by posting a Thread in the Appraisals section of the Forum, found here:


    4. This is an important step, in accordance with MCM Rules, you must add your Minecraft account to your MCM account via MC-Association

    See here:


    5. Once you have your Account Appraised and you have an idea of how much it will sell for, it is time to sell your account. If you are selling an OG Account, go here: if you are selling a Semi-OG account, go here: You can find the full list of possible accounts here:

    Now you must provide the following:

    • Username of the Minecraft Account
    • When the account was migrated (You can find this in your Mojang Profile here: under "Since".)
    • If the Account comes with a TID or not (To find out what a TID is, scroll down)
    In the final box "Additional information?", put the following (to find out more about these words, scroll down):

    Starting BID: (What your account was Appraised for)

    BID Increment: ($5 to $10 is a good amount)

    (Optional) BIN: (Set this to roughly double your starting BID)

    If you want to, you can add your own T.O.S aswell.

    Once you have done that you are good to go!



    • OG Account => A Minecraft Account with a Rare name (Scroll up for full definition)
    • Semi-OG => OG accounts but adding a prefix or suffix. (Scroll up for full definition)
    • Cape Account => A Minecraft Account with a Minecon Cape (Scroll up for full definition)
    • Rank Account => A Minecraft Account with a rank on a Minecraft Server (Scroll up for full definition)
    • BID => An Offer
    • Starting BID => The Starting offer
    • BID Increment => The amount by which the current highest bid is raised each time someone places a higher bid.
    • BIN => "Buy it now" The amount someone can buy the account without having to BID.


    Can I sell an Account for a Friend?

    No, the MCM Rules say:

    "5.5 Do not sell or offer to sell anything you do not have the right to sell. This includes, but is not limited to, items and products that you do not own."

    The major problem is if you do sell the account for another person and the owner of that account scams the Buyer, YOU can be held responsible, not the owner, since technically, you sold the account.

    (Thanks to Doubt for pointing this out:

    Everyone is telling me that I have put the price too high, should I lower it?

    This is totally up to you, this is one of the reasons that you should have your account appraised before you sell it, so you know how much people are willing to buy it for.

    My account was Appraised for much less then I thought it would, can I sell it for more?

    Again this is up to you, Appraisals are a good way of finding out the true value of accounts.

    I can't add my MC Account to my MCM Account via MC-Association! What do I do?

    Most of the bugs with MC-Association have a simple fix. Try asking for help in the Shoutbox, or, create a support request:



    Are you looking for a pretty decent name to use or to sell, then try out this method to get tons of Semi-OG and possibly an OG account.

    Step 1.

    Go to namemc, once you have done that, you want to click on "names." ( After you do this, you need to create the filter. ( This is my personal filter -

    For Length, set it to "=," and don't worry about the number right now. Then, you need to set the language to "English." Then, go one by one with the numbers 3-16 checking the names of the accounts, and when they will drop.

    NOTE: If you want to get MORE high-quality names, you need to set the monthly views higher, to something like 50+. Since more people would be interested in them, I suggest you use artificial sniping websites, such as or They only cost $5 per snipe, so if you are to snipe an OG that sells for $300 that is completely pure profit.


    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me (@Christopher) or open a support request to contact a member of staff.

    If this page help, please leave a Like!

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