Selling your Resources on MCM

Sep 9, 2017
Selling your Resources on MCM
  • Hello,

    This Guide will try to help you sell your Resources on MCM and the proper way to do it. This Page is in a Step-by-Step format.


    1. Firstly, you need to be either Premium or Supreme to sell your Resources for Money, if you are just a Member (New, Well-Know, etc...), you can only put your Resources up for free.

    If you want to make money from your Resource, you can buy a rank here:


    2. Next, you need to go here: and click "Add Resource" then select a Category from the following:


    3. Once you have done that you will need to come up with a Title for your resource.

    This should be:

    • Short
    • Catchy
    • Memorable

    While still:

    • Being relevant to what it is (Ex: Don't name your Minecraft Plugin "The Best website ever!!1!")
    • Not cluttering the title (Ex: [HQ][No.1][MLG!][Blah Blah Blah] Your Tittle here)

    If you want, you can add a few Symbols, keeping in mind that some are not available on all Platforms, I recommend:


    (Optional) 4. After that, you can put in a Version String.

    This represents the update number of what you are selling. For example, if you have a Minecraft Plugin and you have been updating it and selling it on Spigot and then decide to sell it here, you might have updated it 7 times since it was created, so your Ver String might be 7.0.


    5. Next, you need a tagline.

    This is a bit like the Description but in one line.

    This should be:

    • Short
    • Catchy
    • Relevant
    Here are some 'Professional Examples':
    • Custom terraforming and extremely detailed building.
    • A great lobby with a fantastic combination of colors
    • Give your players a fun cosmetic command plugin!

    (Optional) 6. If you want to sell your Resource (and you have Premium or Supreme), you can tick the box saying: "Tick this box to sell a digital product or a physical product or a service offer".

    After you have done this, more options will come up, you will need to set the following:


    (Optional) 7. If you want, you can set a Terms and Conditions for your Resource.

    Here is a Basic Example:

    1. You can not resell this piece of work
    2. You can not claim it as your own
    3. You can not Chargeback


    8. This is the part where you upload the actual resource.

    Depending on what it is (for example, a Website), it is better to upload it in ZIP format (For more info, scroll down). But, if it is just one small file you can upload it directly by clicking "Upload Your Resource" then selecting it or dragging it in.


    9. Now, arguably this is the most important part of the process, this is where you must convince people to buy your resource.

    Your description could include the following:

    • A Description of your Resource and what it does.
    • A list of Features.
    • Some Screenshots of the Resource (For more info, scroll down).
    • A video of your Resource in action.
    • A VirusTotal Scan (For more info, scroll down).
    • A way the buyers can contact you.
    • Proof of Ownership (For more info, scroll down).


    (Optional) 10. If you would like you can add some Tags so your resource is easier to find.

    Some examples:

    • Java
    • PHP
    • HTML
    • Website
    • Castle
    • HQ


    (Optional) 11. If you have a website with more info then you can put in the description, you can add an external URL or the URL of an MCM Thread in the "Additional Information URL" box.


    (Optional) 12. If you have an Icon for your Resource you can upload it by clicking the "Upload resource icon" button.


    13. After you have done all of this, check it over for spelling errors and such (I recommend Grammarly).

    When you are ready, hit the "Save Button" and your Resource will be uploaded for review by a Resource Moderator (For more info, scroll down).


    Things to note!

    There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when selling a Resource;

    1. ALL Resources are reviewed by a Resource Moderator before they become available to the public, so don't try to upload any malicious files, because you will be banned:

    "6.3 Resources must not contain malware, viruses, or any other malicious program or script that may harm another user in any way."

    2. Your Resource must do what you say it does, even if your Resource is not harmful if it is not what you say it is, your resource will not be accepted and you will be issued with Warning Points (For example: Listing your Resource as a 'Server Logo Template' and it is actually a Picture of a Cat).

    "6.1 Resources must be and function as they are described."

    3. You should categorise your Resource correctly, as this will speed up the acceptance process.

    4. If you release an update for your Resource, it must contain new content, you can't use it just to bump your Resource.

    5. Once someone buys your Resource, you may notice on the Purchases page it will not say "Validated" like it normally does, it might say "Refund issued", if you did not issue a refund, this means that the user who bought your Resource has 'Charged Back' and you should open a Scam Report.

    6. Don't sell other people's work, this is why you need to provide Proof of Ownership (this is necessary for the Resource to be accepted).

    "5.5 Do not sell or offer to sell anything you do not have the right to sell. This includes, but is not limited to, items and products that you do not own."

    7. Only upload what you think is worth downloading. What I mean by this is: If you have a half-baked piece of work that you just want cash for, you have to keep in-mind that the Resource Mods still have to go and review your work, make sure it appropriate to be on MCM, check it for viruses, etc. Not to mention you are slowing everyone else down by holding up the process.


    Been told to Scroll Down? Here it is :p

    • 'Product' => A Product in this sense would be A Single Item Ex: One Plugin
    • 'Service Offer' => A Service Offer would be to use your skills to complete a Task for others.
    • ZIP => When you ZIP your file you are compressing it, see HERE for more info.
    • Screenshots => Depending on what your Resource is, it can be in-game Screenshots of your Plugin or Screenshots of your Website or Code (If you need an Image Uploader, I recommend
    • Screenshots of Graphic Work => To make sure your work is not stolen, put watermarks on your work.
    • VirusTotal Scan => This is a Virus Scanner which helps with speeding up the process of the Resource Mods approving your Resource. Found here:
    • Proof of Ownership => Proof of Ownership can be very hard to provide, but here are some examples:
      • Plugins => A Screenshot of the Code
      • Builds => A Screenshot of the Build mid-build (incomplete)
      • Graphics => A Screenshot of the Graphic/s in whatever editor it was made (Eg: photoshop)
      • Schematics => A Screenshot of it in MCEdit
      • Configurations => A Screenshot of the Config file
      • Skripts => A Screenshot of the Code
      • Website => A Screenshot of the Code
      • Other => Anything you can think of that would prove Ownership.


    If you have any questions, feel free to PM me (@Christopher) or open a support request to contact a member of staff.

    If this has helped, please leave a Like!

    Page by Christopher. Edited by the community <3
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