ULTIMATE guide to selling server domains!

May 13, 2017
ULTIMATE guide to selling server domains!
  • I wrote this guide upon seeing the increasing number of domain sellers here on MCM.

    So, you want to sell a server domain? Well, here are some general tips when it comes to buying/selling them:

    Some of the terms you should know:
    • Bid starts - relatively self explanatory, the price where an auction starts at.
    • Bid increment - the minimum increment of the bid increase. For example, if one person bids $15, and the bid increment is $3, the next person has to put a minimum of $3 more (so $1:cool:. There is typically no maximum for bids.
    • BIN - also the "buy it now" price. I'd typically suggest putting it relatively high if your domain is actively bid on.
    • C/O or current offer - the current bid offer.
    • Registrar - where the domain is registered.
    • Date of expiration - the expiration date of a domain (keep in mind that domains that will expire soon will have much lower prices than those with a longer expiration date).
    Not every domain needs to have a bid price or auction. You could make it a BIN-only domain if you wish.

    Domains typically gain value from three things:
    • Traffic/playerbase - by far one of the most important factors. If your domain was previously used on a large server, and gets a lot of players, that could easily raise the price.
    • Artwork - logos, banners, and the lot. Artwork makes it convenient for the buyer, because they don't need to commission a separate logo/banner afterwards. (BE SURE TO WATERMARK ANY LOGOS/ARTWORK PRIOR TO UPLOADING TO YOUR THREAD, as we get a lot of image stealing).
    • Unique name - not as important, but if the domain you are selling is "unique," it could attract some attention.
    Proof of you owning the domain - we get a lot of scammers here on MCM. It's recommended that you use the following two methods to prove you own a domain:
    • Redirect the domain to your profile page or the thread where you are selling the domain (would obviously be done after you post the thread).
    • Include a screenshot of the domain from your domain registrar dashboard (doesn't really act as proof, since it could be easily photoshopped, but it does help confirm the expiration date and registrar).
    After all this has been settled, here are some good prices for basic Minecraft server domains:
    • Generic .com/.net/.org - $8-12
    • Domain with a logo (varies on quality) - $15-40
    • Domain with banner - $15-20
    • Domain with logo + banner - $30-50
    • Domain with traffic (depends on base size) - $30-80
    • Domain with traffic + all artwork - $50-100
    These are all rough estimates, domains don't necessarily need to fall into these price ranges.

    If you have any questions, let me know!

    - @buildblox
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