Writing Terms and Conditions on MCMarket

Mar 25, 2019
Writing Terms and Conditions on MCMarket
  • What are Terms and Conditions?

    Terms and Conditions are typically a set of rules and statements which potential clients of your product/service have to follow and agree to protect the sellers content being abused. It is highly recommended that users of this site sets Terms and Conditions on all services/products for this reason.

    The most common reasons you would establish a set of Terms and Conditions for your service is to :
    - Protect your business
    If you do not specify any Terms and Conditions, you put yourself at risk of user uncertainty and misunderstanding.

    - Preventing abuses

    Terms and Conditions are legally binding and can therefore act to prevent users of your service from abusing or misusing your service. These Terms and Conditions will lay out the guidelines of using your service, as well as what will happen if they do not follow your guidelines.

    - Rights to your content

    The content your provide users will likely be yours and you will want to protect that content from theft or misuse. Terms and Conditions will help you convey what sort of restrictions are placed on your content.

    - Limiting liability

    Not everyone is perfect and you are bound to have errors in your content. Terms and conditions are a great way to warn your users that you will not be held responsible for such errors.

    Writing your Terms and Conditions

    Start with a statement regarding the acceptance of your Terms and Conditions such as :

    • "By purchasing any product/service from {USER/BUSINESS NAME}, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to abide by the above, please do not use this service."

    This clause ensures that your users understand that by using your service they are accepting the terms and conditions.

    Underneath the acceptance clause, it is recommended that you add a Privacy Policy section. If you are collecting personal information from your users (e.g., credit card information, names, addresses), you will need to include a Privacy Policy that discusses how that private information will be used, stored, and disseminated.

    Now the rest is all up to you when writing your Terms of Conditions! Here is a basic outline of all the clauses you should address :​

    - Payment policy
    This clause should outline how will the payment be processed as well as addressing other concerns like chargeback protection and refund policies.​
    - License to use your content
    In this clause you must address the rights the buyer has when using your product/service regarding the specific topics such as redistribution, modification and resell rights to your products.​
    - Limitations
    This clause should state that you are not liable for any errors in your content and that you should not be held responsible at all for any damages caused indirectly by your products or any third-party services that you may utilise.

    - Breaches of these Terms and Conditions

    It is recommended that you outline the consequences of breaching these Terms and Conditions to ensure that the user is notified of what could happen should they breach the conditions laid out for them.​

    Couple things extra things to note regarding imposing your Terms and Conditions.
    • MC-Market staff will not personally enforce your Terms and Conditions for you under any circumstances. Should you decide to impose a set of Terms and Conditions upon users making purchases from you, you are solely responsible for the enforcement of all the conditions designated by you in the original deal.

    • Should you experience an unfortunate incident where a user scams you and you submit a scam report stating that you had Terms and Conditions on your thread to protect you from such scammers. Unfortunately, you will also need to provide proof that the user using your service/product had read and agreed to all Terms and Conditions that you have set on your thread to show that they have intentionally violated them in order to show that they intended to scam you.
      Therefore it is recommended that you ensure that users that use your services/products to explicitly agree to your Terms and Conditions to prevent them from scamming you. You can accomplish this by :
      • Asking users to agree to your set of Terms and Conditions directly. An example for this would be : "{NAME}, have you read, understood and agreed to the Terms and Conditions stated for this purchase located at {LINK}?".

    We hope that you are never scammed and never have to open a scam report, however, please keep this information in mind when imposing your Terms and Conditions on users that purchase your products/services as it will greatly assist you in a future scam report should you need to submit one.​
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